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Freedom Hills WMA

Located in Colbert County near Cherokee. 8,540 acres; big game and small game. MAP

PERMITS:  Permits for gun and primitive weapons deer hunts will be issued from the Freedom Hills Headquarters checking station on the dates of the hunts. Season permits (turkey, small game, archery) may be obtained by writing Area Biologist Mitchell Marks, 4200 White Pike, Cherokee, AL 35616 (enclose current hunting license number and stamped, self-addressed envelope); or locally from

  • Russell's Sporting Center, Florence;
  • Wal-Mart in Russellville;
  • Dependable Service Center, Russellville;
  • C.J.'s Groc., Hwy 24, Belgreen;
  • 247 Yogi's intersection of Hwy 72 and 247;
  • Green's Gas Mart, Hwy. 24W, Russellville;
  • Colbert County Courthouse, Tuscumbia;
  • Franklin County Courthouse, Russellville;
  • and from the self-service issuing station located at Stewart's Camp.

Deer and turkey killed during the gun or primitive weapons hunts and/or archery hunts shall be reported to the administrators of the hunt. All road gates will be closed except on days of gun deer hunts and the first 10 days of the squirrel season. Trapping permits must be obtained from area biologist . Archery killed deer must be recorded on report sheet at self-service permit box.


(Youth) Stalk Hunting Hunter’s Choice (except spotted fawns - one deer per day): Nov. 10.

(Gun) Stalk Hunting Antlered Bucks Only: Nov. 17; Jan.25–31.

(Archery) Stalk Hunting Antlered Bucks Only: Oct. 15-31. Stalk Hunting Hunter's Choice (except spotted fawns - One Deer per day): Nov. 1 - Jan. 31 (except on days of gun deer hunt and on day of youth hunt).

(Primitive Weapons) Stalk Hunting Hunter's Choice (except spotted fawns): - One Deer per day: Dec. 1 and Dec.27.

TURKEY - March 30-April 30 (Daylight until 12:00 noon CST).

DOVE - Sept. 15 – Oct. 27, & Dec. 22 – Jan. 6, Noon until sunset. Sat. & Wed. hunting only.

SQUIRREL - Oct. 1-Feb. 28 (except on days of youth, gun, and primitive weapons deer hunts).

RABBIT & QUAIL - Nov. 20-Feb. 28 (except on days of gun and primitive weapons deer hunts).

RACCOON & OPOSSUM - Feb. 1-28 (Nighttime hours only).

WOODCOCK - Dec. 18-Jan. 31 (except on days of gun deer hunts and primitive weapon hunts).

TRAPPING - Nov. 20-Feb. 20

FERAL HOGS Open during any other legal season using weapons and ammunition approved for those hunts (No Dogs Allowed).

Source:  Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries of the Alabama Department of Conservation

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