Humana RV Tour

Barbara Worthy and her husband are trying to find some prescription answers... Especially for Barbara who is disabled.

Barbara Worthy:   "I called one time and it was very confusing."

It's a familiar chorus to the same song of late.   Barbara Worthy:  "I get the book and I look through it. And it becomes such a headache I have to put it down. I can't deal with this right now."

She's not alone. As a medicaid recipient, John Vickers should have automatically been rolled over .... But he wasn't.

I've been from place to place trying to get papers filed out and things like that trying to get it. Have you had any luck? no, not so far.

Humana is one of many plans that seniors can turn to. They are here to help educate and sell their products. And they have also heard the complaints.

Jodi Hicks is the south Alabama  Sales Manager is the Humana South Alabama Sales Manager who says,  "One of the main issues we've had is that CMS is a little behind in getting that information to the companies that are contracted to do this."

Hicks says most of the companies realized early on that there would be kinks in the system. Now they are just trying to work them out. So that people like barbara won't have to do without her seizure medicine.

Barbara Worthy:  "For my seizures, I'm down to my last and that's something I have to have."

If you would like more information about the Humana plans or medicare part D in general, the Mobile center will be parked outside the Walmart on the Eastern through Friday from 8 a-m to 3 p-m. Then it will head to Prattville on Saturday.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson