Barbour County School vs. Dale County School

Parents of several children have pulled their kids out of Barbour County Schools and enrolled them in the Dale County System.

In the Education Report, Sally pitts says, the Barbour County Superintendent is feeling the impact of the defections.

180 students have left the halls of Barbour County Schools for Dale County. Enrollment has been on a steady decline. Barbour County Schools Superintendent, Vic Adkinson, says some parents are pulling their children because they believe Dale County Schools have a higher quality of education. Adkinson says, "I'm defending the honor in the lives of children in Barbour Cou

According to Adkinson, it has cost the system in annual revenue. State revenue averages daily membership is based on local enrollment. The Justice Department says Dale County has kept Barbour County from achieving unitary status by accepting Barbour County students.

The Justice Department delayed our request because a number of students left our system. The Barbour County School system has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve its facilities. Adkinson says they are investing in Barbour county to show parents and the state they mean business.

Adkinson says, "We are closing the gap. Watch out! Barbour County is moving forward. We are going to be an example for the state. We are going to be a model for the nation." Barbour county students will be able to finish out the school year in Dal