MIA Chairman Remembers Coretta Scott King

Tommie Miller first met Coretta Scott King in 1995. He says, "She was so resolute in the things she talked about. The social what nots. I think that is where she will be missed the most."

Miller has a collection of king memorabilia like a picture Mrs. King signed for him. "I think it captures who she was. Confident. Resolute," he says.

A painting called Moods of Martin hangs in Mr. Miller's office. He says it's Mrs. Kings favorite. Miller gave her an identical one for Christmas one year. He says, "When she saw it, she teared up. She says it really captures the moods of Martin."

It is only fitting that the image of her is in the middle of it. After all Miller says, Coretta Scott King was the center of everything Doctor King did. "She was the center of his universe, that was clear. Out of all the things that have been said ugly about him, make no mistake about it; she was his backbone," adds Miller.

Mrs. King visited Montgomery and Selma many times after her husbands death. One of her last trips was in March of 2000 during the 35th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March. Mrs. King last spoke in Montgomery in 2001 at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.