Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus' Reaction To Speech

WASHINGTON - Congressman Spencer Bachus made the following comments after hearing President Bush’s State of the Union address:

“Tonight, President Bush laid out ambitious goals for our country.  Tackling a wide array of issues, he was sincere and determined in relaying his vision for the year ahead. 

“The President believes, as do I, that America is at its best when it leads.  We must keep America successful and competitive in the global market economy.  Reducing healthcare costs and developing alternative energy are imperative to this end.

“The President’s commitment to developing alternative energy sources is encouraging.  Our continued dependency on foreign oil, coupled with the rising costs of home heating fuel and gasoline, makes the implementation and practical use of alternative fuels vital to our economy and national security.

“President Bush’s continued commitment to winning the war on terror and spreading democracy worldwide is one I share.  The recent successful elections in Iraq are evidence democracy is taking hold in the country.  We must remain firm in the face of opposition and continue pursuing our goal of eradicating terrorism and promoting freedom.”