Love Bug Computer Worm Could Be Coming Your Way

The ancient art of love could affect your computer tonight! Dubbed the "Kama Sutra Worm", the "Love Bug" is encoded in e-mails with sexy subject lines designed to infect the Windows operating system.

The worm, which comes in through e-mail, actually has been spreading since January 16. At midnight, it goes to work, threatening to wipe out family pictures, documents and spreadsheats with a click of a mouse.

It comes with tempting lines like "give me a kiss" and "hot movie", but with a click of the mouse the outcome isn't so appealing.

David Burke of Raycom Media, says "You can't resist and unsuspecting to you, the worm is dropped on your computer."

Burke is Raycom's Chief Information Officer. He and his team are working hard to protect the company's computers.

He says, "The third of every month, this worm will lauch it's payload", and delete files on your computer.

Burke goes on to say, "What's interesting about this one is it is destructive. Not all worms are destructive. They're just annoying. In this case, it deletes common files."

But what about your personal computers? If you don't recognize the e-mail address, Burke says, "Don't even open it."

What if the e-mail address is known, but the subject line looks suspicious? Burke says, "Just delete it right from your mailbox."

The worm may be on your computer already. The good news is, there is still time to take action. Run anti-virus software on your computer tonight. Scan your entire system.

To be safe, you may want to back your files up on a disk. The best line of defense-don't open suspicious e-mails.

That last bit of advice about opening suspicious emails is critical. If your computer is infected, go to your anti-virus company's website and you can clean up your computer from there.