Church Fire Victims Starting Over

Smoke still rises from the ashes and from the hearts of the people who once worshipped at Pleasant Sabine Baptist Church -- one of five churches targeted by arsonists Friday.

Michelle Randall, a lifelong member, says, "They're really hurt because for someone to just do something like this, to burn churches down, there are just no words to say."

Some call it an act of terrorism. Five churches were picked at random late in the night and burned indiscriminately.

Members from Ashby Baptist Church made a distress call to neighbors in the midst of their devastation; a call that saved the Old Union Baptist Church within minutes.

Member Alvin Lawley walked in and saw flames. "Sure enough, we came in the door and pulpit was on fire," he says. He and a fellow parishioner put out the fire.

The flames in Antioch Baptist Church extinguished on their own, but Ashby, Pleasant Sabine, and Rehobeth Baptist churches crumbled before help could arrive.

Among those most shaken by this crime are the children in the congregations.

Audra Edwards, Ashby Baptist Church member and wife of a volunteer fire department chief says of her 8-year-old son, "He's asked me several times, 'Mom, who could do this?' There's not a really good answer for that because I'm grown and I still don't really understand."

Out of the ashes pours a faith strengthened by loss and a community brought together with hope of getting back what was taken from them.

Kimberly Page, another Ashby Baptist Church member, adds,"We'll get through it, absolutely. The Lord will give us strength and this is for a reason I'm sure. We just have to have faith and we'll manage."

Reporter: Theo Travers