Both sides unhappy with commission's wait.

The Montgomery County Commission voted to once again delay the measure of allowing land developer, Trum llc to move the grave site. The question is who holds jurisdiction over the cemetery.

Todd Strange is the Montgomery County Commission Chairman.  He says, "If we were to deal with the matter and it turns out we do not have jurisdiction, then our decision would be null and void."

Neither side is happy with the delays.  Ann Pinkston LaBarge is a descendant of one of those buried at the site.  She says, "It's very stressful and I've had a lot of people call me, encouraging me and giving me information."

George Thomas is an attorney representing Trum, Llc.  He says, "We wanted a decision today, but we understand that if the city has jurisdiction, then we need to go to the city council."

While this question is being worked out, people like Pinkston LaBarge, whose grandfather is buried there, grow more and more frustrated.

She thinks the whole thing is sordid, saying "I just think it's terrible." "It should be eternal rest, not until somebody wants to build something where you're buried and dig you up."

Thomas adds, "We would like to have the removal of the graves... And we would rein turn the graves at Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery ."

Thomas says the moves would be at company expense. He says it's impossible to incorporate the cemetery into the plans because of the lay of the land.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson