Bush Praises a Woman whose Life Aimed to "Make our Nation Whole"

LITHONIA, Ga. --  President Bush has euologized Coretta Scott King as a woman who fought through grief to help make America "whole."

At her funeral, the president said the nation got to know King in "all the seasons" from the young widow of Martin Luther King to the visionary leader who carried on his work.

Said Bush: "There was grace and beauty in every season."

Bush led mourners at the church near Atlanta where the service took place. He was joined by three former presidents -- his father, President Clinton and President Carter.

Bush said when King's husband was murdered, she somehow found the courage to carry on. He said her dignity "was a daily rebuke to the pettiness and cruelty of segretation."

Rarely, said Bush, has so much been asked of a pastor's wife. But she went on to secure her husband's legacy -- and build her own.

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