The Investigation into Nine Church Fires

The ATF now says all nine fires appear to be related. At each crime scene, the fire starter used things that were easy to catch fire in the church such as flowers or flags near the alter. "this is ugly criminal behavior," says ATF Agent Jim Cavanaugh.

Investigators say they have new evidence and maybe even some witnesses. Cavanaugh says, "The things that we seem to consistently hear and seem to make sense to us is that we have two white males. We have had multiple reports of that and we have had multiple reports of SUVs."

An ATF agent on the scene says whoever did this was up all night and may have signs of burns on the hands. Cavanaugh adds "We have got a lot of good evidence in there and this fire is clearly and obviously an arson fire."

The fire Marshall is asking to sheriff's in West Alabama to increase patrols.

Authorities are asking for the public's help in this case. The FBI has launched a special tip line. The number is 1-877-628-2533. And Alfa Insurance is offering up to a $37,500 dollar reward for information leading to a conviction.