Portable Churches Arrive at Burned Church

It's not exactly a church pew, but it's just fine for Rosie Brown. She says, "Preachers come and go, but I stay."

She's came to see the ruins of where she worshipped for the last 70 years. "We may have bad times, but we'll have some good times. I've been through all of it here," says Brown.

She also came to see the rebirth of her beloved Ashby Baptist.  Mobile homes are donated by other believers from the Alabama State Board of Missions, part of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Ashby Baptist Pastor Jim Parker says, "It's a connection to our property for people here emotionally as we heal from the loss here."

Their church is now mobile, their spirit unmoved despite a stranger's actions. "Some people may say, I don't like these people; I hate these people. I don't know these people. How can I hate them? I'm not supposed to do that anyway," says church member Josie Latimer.

ATF  agents suspect those responsible for the fires are from the area where the churches burned. Church members say it disapoints them to think someone would do this to their own community.