Beaverton Church Members React to Fire

Sunday mornings will never be the same for the congregation of Beaverton Freewill Baptist Church. Hours after their church burned down, Pastor Dwight Bailey preached his sermon in a neighboring church's fellowship hall.

"As Christian people," Bailey chants from the makeshift pulpit, "we are going to move forward."

No doubt there were concerns in the wake of nine other church burnings. Bailey says, "We had all thought about it because we're so secluded up there. There are no more homes in sight.

However, no one could believe they were next in what appears to be string of serial arsons.

Church member, Denise McKham, says, "My son has already asked me, 'Why would somebody do this?' And what answer do you have? That they're not saved. They haven't committed their life to Christ yet. We're praying for these people."

Piney Grove Free Will Baptist Church performed their regular service in the main sanctuary, while their guests worshipped in the fellowship hall, all calling on their faith to see past the flames.

"I just felt like there had been a death," laments Bailey. "I just thought my heart was going to burst. It's just really devastating to all of us."

Nothing from their old building can be saved, but the spirit of the people who worshipped here. McKham adds, "We're regrouping now. We're looking for our future. The only way our church can go is up."

Reporter: Theo Travers