Churck Fire Investigation

Late Monday evening the Alabama Christian Coalition got involved . The group has joined the Governor and Alfa Insurance issuing its own $10,000 reward.

On Saturday, the tenth church went up in flames. This time in Lamar County Beaverton freewill Baptist Church was set on fire just after four that afternoon. An alarm alerted authorities...but the damage was extensive. So are authorities any closer to catching the arsonists? They are not saying. But they are asking...the aronists to contact them.

The ATF has put out an appeal to the arsonists. They want to speak directly to the fire starters. Authorities think the pair are trying to send a message with their crimes. They feel that the burnings are somewhat of a message and want to hear what the arsonist have to say. They are looking for two white males in their twenties, who are probably from Alabama and are driving a dark s-u-v. Profilers believe the arsonists are more than partners in crime. They think they are friends. Investigators say they do have witnesses and feel this case can be solved.

Keith Bryan, Assistant FBI special agent in charge says, "I can assure you the FBI is pouring in all available resources to find the people that are responsible for this." Officials did receive an anonymous call in Chilton County today. Someone said they spotted a dark s-u-v near a church. They have not found that vehicle or verified the authenticity of the call. Authorities are cautious of these sightings. They say they learned a lesson after the D.C. sniper attacks when everyone feared white panel vans. The ATF has set up a phone number and e-mail address just for the arsonists. The phone number is 205-343-9531. The e-mail address is "talk with us" at cox-dot-net. That's only for the arsonists. Others with information are asked to call the State Fire Marshal's arson hotline at 1-800-654-0775.