Child Compensated For Being Left on Bus

Antonio Spurling is a Birmingham Attorney for Christian Moore and His mother.  He says,  "We're ecstatic! My client is very well pleased with that verdict and I'm pleased with that verdict."

That verdict is 27 thousand five hundred dollars out of a possible 100-thousand. A verdict the defense says is respecting Christian Moore's compensation. Jurors found that Christian did indeed suffer while on that bus.

Spurling says:  "We still made a very strong and compelling argument for the jury that this family as a total, sustained emotional distress and mental anguish."

Off camera, City Attorney Kim Fehl says she respects the jury's verdict. Attorney Ed Kendall says he hopes Christopher will get the special services he needs. The jury's verdict indicates that suffering occured even without obvious wounds.

Spurling adds,  "It just should not take, as I stated earlier, the death of someone or a broken arm or a gouged out eye before we realize people hurt, we are human beings."

None of the employees of the Therapeutic Recreation Center will have to pay any money in those damages. Instead it will all come from a city insurance fund.

Reported by:  Ashley Anderson