Drugs in Alabama

According to the DEA El Paso Information Center Clan Lab Seizure system, there were 385 Meth lab seizures in Alabama  for calendar year 2004.  Last updated August 18, 2005.

Methamphetamine has become the biggest drug threat in Alabama.  Although marijuana contineues to be the number one drug of choice, methamphetamine has surpassed cocaine in abuse across the state.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of clandestine labs discovered in Jackson, Marshall, Etwoah, Madison, Houston, Baldwin, DeKalb and Walker counties.

Methamphetamine labs are found principally in isolated, rural communities.

Seizeures and intelligence show that bulk mathampehtamine distribution in Alabama is dominated by Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs),  supplied by sources in Mexico with transportation routes based in California, Arizona and Texas.  These Mexican DTOs utilize tractor-trailer trucks, rented or personal vehicles, airlines and U.S. Postal Service or commercial carriers to transport methamphetamine to Alabama.

Street level methamphetamine distribution and use is divided into both the Hispanic and Caucasian cultures.  The gaining popularity of methamphetamine abuse in small towns and communities is directly responsible for the increase in thefts, violent assaults, and burglaries.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs are also supplying methamphetamine on a very limited basis through their own distribution network within the state.  Local production of methamphetamine is on the rise.

Source:  Drug Enforcement Agency Alabama Fact Sheet 2005.