Latest Church Arson Attempt Not Related to Other Fires

GLENCOE, Ala. -- The Alabama Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms held a briefing Monday about the eleventh church fire in Alabama in the past three weeks.

A federal official says the fire did minor damage to a small church and does not appear to be linked to a string of suspected arsons at the other ten rural churches.

The regional director of the ATF, Jim Cavanaugh, says investigators believe the fire at the small church in Glencoe in northeast Alabama was started by someone from the area. He says it does not appear to be related to the other fires in central and west Alabama.

The acting chief of the Glencoe Police Department, Johnny Chambers, says members of the joint federal-state task force investigating the church arsons were asked to review the blaze. The fire occurred yesterday at Chapman's Chapel.

Cavanaugh said the Glencoe fire appeared to have started by someone throwing a Molotov cocktail against the building. The other fires mostly appeared to be set inside the church, near the pulpit.

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