Ella Bell Recuperating From Heart Scare

Walk into Ella Bell's home and you'll think you're in a florist shop. These remnants are from her 3 day stay on the cardiac wing and what happened a week ago today while shopping with her son.

Bell says, "I said ohhh Thomas ... There is something seriously wrong with your mother. When I can't walk to a TJ Max Store, there's something seriously wrong."

Shortness of breath, chest tightness and a pain under her shoulder blade led her to the emergency room... And to her surprise they admitted her.

She says, "When he said it a 3rd time, I said who has congestive heart failure... He said you do, and I said oh no I don't have that! I know people who have that and i don't have that."

Bell knows that there are some major life style changes that must occur ... diet ...medication and moderate exercise.  She promises, "In 2 years I'm going to be wearing not a bikini but I'm going to be wearing a cute swimsuit."

In years past, Bell's has shown tenacity in the fight against breast cancer ... And there is no reason to believe this will be any different. Ashley Anderson WSFAa 12 News Montgomery.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson