Streets of Speed in Woodmere Neighborhood

Just backing out of your driveway shouldn't be the toughest part of your day, but for a lot of folks it is.   Wendy McClimans has that frustration everyday.  She lives in the Woodmere subdivision in Montgomery off the Eastern Boulevard and she's had enough.

"Just backing out, it'll look clear and then I'll check my rear view mirror and the cars are right on top of me," McClimans said.  "I've had people pass me, my husband comes home in his work vehicle and he's had people pass him and cuss at him because he's going the speed limit."

McClimans says the trail of cars down Woodmere Boulevard is constant and nobody goes the posted 25 mile per hour limit.  We pulled out our Zapper 12 and clocked cars going 43, 41, and 40 miles per hour.  "It makes me feel insecure and dangerous," McClimans said.  And she says a lot of the speeders are young drivers in high school who don't have much experience behind the wheel.      "I'm just tired of it... if i have to obey the law they should too."

We called the Montgomery Police Department and asked them to set up a radar out on Woodmere Boulevard so watch your speed.  McClimans is also looking into what it would take to get a stop sign put in.  We'll let you know what happens.   Watch your speed because you never know who's watching you.