First On WSFA 12: New Church Fire In West Alabama Appears To Be Accidental

Late Thursday night, WSFA 12 News confirmed another Alabama church fire. The latest fire is in Lamar County, the scene of the last arson related church fire. That county borders the state of Mississippi.

The Lamar County sheriff's office says the fire happened at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Millport. As of midnight, firefighters were still on the scene battling the fire.

Ragan Ingram with the state department of insurance tells WSFA the fire appears to be accidental. Ingram says a spotlight appears to have collapsed on the roof of the church setting the shingles on fire.

Alabama law enforcement and local churches have been on alert since nearly a dozen churches in central and west Alabama were broken into and set on fire. The arsonist for those fires is still on the run from authorities. The FBI and ATF are looking into all the fires along with state authorities.

Watch WSFA 12's Today In Alabama for an update on the fire.