Part 2: Magic Moments Organization Gives Gift to Girl Who Suffered Life Threatening Injury

Anna Wilson loss the use of her hands. Wilson doesn't let her physical limitations stop from creating beautiful artwork. She uses her mouth to dip the paint brush and apply it to the paper.

Anna's mother, Carla Wilson, says, "I was at work when I got the call Anna had been shot." Anna's brother accidentally shot her while handling a loaded weapon. Carla Wilson says, "The bullet went in the side of her head missing her brain and eyes." The bullet traveled to Anna's spinal cord almost killing her. It also took away the use of her legs and arms. Carla Wilson says, "The day of the accident was a day."

Two years later, Anna has a positive disposition and doesn't let her condition stop her from doing many things most kids her age do. This includes typing and playing on a computer. Anna Wilson says, "When magic moments said you can have whatever you like. I chose a computer. Most might pick a trip, but that won't last forever and I know my computer will last forever."  Instead of using the typical keyboard Anna calls one up on the screen. This allows her to do her homework. Teacher aid, Lisa Baker, says, "She does her work, independently. It also helps her self-confidence, and even write stories."

Anna's room reveals much about the amazing little girl. She has posters of her earning the honor role, pictures of her with horses, cute stickers, and a symbol of her faith. Anna Wilson says, "I get my great attitude from my parents. "  Anna's mom, Carla says,"I tell her we've got this day behind us. Let's go forward."

Anna's prognosis is promising that she may walk again. For now she'll keep creating, playing and painting her way into the hearts of those blessed to meet her along the way.