Democrat Bobby Payne Reacts to House District 31 Results

Bobby Payne is obviously disappointed with the outcome, but said he enjoyed the campaign. His family and close friends surrounded the Tallassee mayor at his home Tuesday night. It was an emotional and intense night at the Payne house. They watched closely as the numbers scrolled across the television screen. In the end, it didn't go in their candidates favor. Although he lost, Payne goes back to serving the city of Tallassee.

Payne says, "I wanted to try to offer myself, and offer myself as a candidate. It didn't work out. In the morning, I'm back in the mayor's office serving the city of Tallassee and trying to make our city a better place to live and to raise our families."

The late Jack Venable's son was at Payne's house Tuesday night. While he supported Payne, he says it was the peoples chose and his father would be happy with whomever the people chose.

Payne as two years left in his term as mayor. No word yet on if he'll consider running again for the house seat in the June primary.