Elderly Lady Has $800 Dollar Gas Bill

85 year old Annie Giles sees a lot of life's changes in her 30 plus years in the same home. Recently, she had a new experience when she went to pay a her gas bill.

She says,  "I said how much is it?  She said 800 dollars and I almost went out."

after annie nearly fainted, the teller told her not to pay the money right away. Annie quotes the woman and says, "We gonna send somebody out there to read the meter cause they might have made a mistake on the reading of the meter."

Not one but two meter readers came out.

< p>  "And he said I used it.", Annie says.   She  gets meals on wheels through the Montgomery Area Council on Aging. That volunteer knew about the bill and took Annie's problem back to MACOA. < p> Ellen Dempsey is a social worker with the Montgomery Area Council on Aging. She has been working with Miss Annie,  "Then they sent a letter, explaining, that was the second time that they came out and explained they had only estimated the December bill." < p> That bill was only 50 dollars... Even still this is a major increase. < p> Dempsey adds, "We did help from Community Action, and we got help from the Red Cross.  We also got the balance paid by the Caring Center at Baptist, Baptist Caring Center." < p> But now Dempsey says the funds are running out. And she's worried that there are others like Miss Annie out there .... Cold. < p> She says, "There's probably going to be some." < p> To be fair there are broken windows, drafts and no insulation here... Some things Annie can't quite afford... But she is making plans for next year. < p> Annie Giles adds, "When this over with, I just put me some heaters on layaway or something." < p> No one is going to have all the answers, but there are some things you can do. One is to call the gas company. Many like Alabama Gas have kits with duct tape and caulking to help weatherize a house. And they even have brochures like this one to show you how. < p> Reporter:  Ashley Anderson