COPY-Schools to get less than expected for displaced students

UNDATED Schools that took in students displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita will receive less than the six-thousand dollars per student authorized by Congress because of a shortfall in financing.

The U-S Department of Education says the first payments went to 49 states and the District of Columbia. By the time the final check is cut, the Education Department projects that schools will get a total of four-thousand dollars for each displaced student it enrolled for the majority of the school year.Education officials attributed the shortfall to a one (b) billion dollar reduction negotiated in the final Katrina education aid package approved by lawmakers.Public and private schools are eligible for reimbursement.According to the Alabama Department of Education, about 54-hundred students displaced by Hurricane Katrina were enrolled in public schools across the state.The Education Department also released the second installment of federal assistance to help school systems restart operations.The money can go for textbooks, teacher salaries, or other costs not directly related to rebuilding damaged schools because those costs are reimbursed by FEMA.

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