Mother's Day Makeover #1 - Billie Donley, Mother of Two, Age 41

Billie Donley
Billie Donley

The following information was submitted by Taylor Donley:

To start she has passed every test that God can give a parent to pass!! She is above and beyond the best mom around.

She is a mother to be admired for her ability to always make everything ok.

You see I have Leukemia I was diagnosed 6/2/05 and my mom has not left my side. She lost her job to be with me so that I would never be scared.

I have a sister who is 21 and even though I am going through all this treatment she still managed to keep me healthy drive across 2 states to be at my sister's side when she gave birth in November.

She took care of me and my sister and the new baby. I know that this was hard. I know at night when she thinks I am sleeping she cries and prays I have heard her begging God to let her trade places with me.

I think she is the strongest women alive.Whenever I feel scared she puts her arms around me and everything is all right again. She has given up everything to take care of me and I am so lucky to be loved in this way.

She has definitely earned some pampering time and she needs it to relax for a while.

Please notice my mom in your contest she already is number one in my heart.

Thank you for your time.