Mother's Day Makeover Winner: Roxanne Forrest, Mother of Three, Age 42

Roxanne Forrest
Roxanne Forrest

Congratulations to Roxanne Forrest, winner of our Mother's Day Makeover.  Here is what her 9 year old daughter Caitlin wrote about her mom...

"My mom quit work to home school me and my younger sisters. She did this so we could grow in and know Jesus and so that we could get a good education.

Our mom deserves the makeover because she does everything for us and everyone else and not for herself.

My dad gave my mom $200.00 a while back to get herself something and she bought all of us girls something instead.

My mom has tried hard to lose weight and she is doing a good job. A makeover would make her feel so happy and good about herself.

It would also be something only for her to enjoy and she couldn't share it."

From now until Mother's Day, Roxanne will be working out diligently with Fitness Together, enjoying healthy skin treatments from Montgomery Aesthetics Med Spa, undergoing a complete smile makeover from Dr. James Strickland AND receiving the finishing touches of a new haircut, color and style from The Grand Salon.

We'll be documenting Roxanne's journey to her new self in a series of informative and entertaining half-hour shows along the way. We'll publish the dates & times of the shows right here on the Mother's Day Makeover Page, so be sure to check back with us frequently!!