Traffic Cameras Still A Hot Issue

This site, of cars running red lights, is not so unusual in Montgomery. This site with traffic cameras is.

The issue of cameras at intersections stirred the pot of controversy at the city council level. Councilman Willie Cook says, "The act of running a red light is already established as a criminal action to change it to a civil action. I feel that we are not on constitutionally sound ground." Councilman Glenn Pruitt disagrees, "Georgia's doing it, Tennessee's doing it, Florida's doing it. It's all civil. That's all we're asking for to be civil."

But what happens when someone dies as a result of that red light being run? Art Baylor is the police chief in Montgomery. He says, "But on the criminal side, a police officer or someone has to see it and that's by Alabama Code."

Although there were citizens who spoke in favor of having the cameras at intersections.... the motion failed. Pruitt adds, "I think we've missed an opportunity to save a bunch of lives and accidents in this town and we didn't do what we were suppose to do. I been here 2 years and I ain't been disappointed a lot but I'm disappointed today." Cook raised his voice adding, "Somebody get Mr. Pruitt a Moon Pie and an RC!"

Reporter: Ashley Anderson