A Hearing is Held in Conecuh County for Couple Accused of Sexually Molesting Two Children

A man and the woman he claims to be his wife plead not guilty to child sex abuse charges.

Jack Wiley and Glenna Cavender were arraigned in Conecuh County Tuesday.

The couple is accused of abusing two children who were living with them: a 3 year old girl and a 17 year old boy.

Conecuh County's District Attorney, Tommy Chapman, says, says both are living with foster parents and undergoing counseling, but he says they seem to be doing well.

They were not in the courtroom for Tuesday's preliminary hearing. But both Mr. Wiley and Ms. Cavender were and both filed not guilty pleas. They did so for different reasons.

Wiley, who's charged with rape and sodomy, says he's completely innocent. He says he did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, Cavender, who's charged with child abuse, also pleaded not guilty, but for her, it was by reason of insanity.

Chapman says, "She is alleging that she's had a lot of mental abuse over the years and I think that's probably the avenue they're going to try to go with her. But she has been examined in other prisons. And I don't think there's anything to that."

Wiley's Attorney, Jamey Halford says, "My client maintains his innocence. It's a tough case to have to handle, but i'll do my best. He's got a constitutional right to a fair trial and that's what we plan to give him."

It may be a while before these two go to trial.

Right now, the lawyers are still waiting on DNA evidence.

It's still not known who the children belong to.

According to his lawyer, Wiley says they're Cavender's kids not his.

But the DNA evidence, which was supposed to ready weeks ago, still hasn't been processed.

When the couple finally does go to trial, they'll be facing two additional counts of child abuse.

Prosecutors added the counts today because they say Wiley and Cavender failed to take the children to the doctor when they were sick.