A Friend Tells How She Knows The Church Fires Suspects

Prosecutors are releasing little about the case against the three men, but a friend tells WSFA what has gone public so far is devastating.

It was almost biblical. In a sea of badges, prosecutors and politicians, there was actually one friend waiting for two of the men charged in the case. Jana Wright attended Birmingham Southern with Russell Cloyd and Ben Moseley.

She knew Moseley best from campus theatre productions. Wright says the news Moseley and Cloyd had confessed to the church burnings sent a shock wave through the Birmingham Southern community. As a result, she says many students are expressing their grief on the pair's facebook.com web pages.

So far, most of this case is built on confessions from both Ben Moseley and Matt Cloyd . Investigators got those Tuesday. Forensic science also plays a role. Officers have matched tire tracks from several fire scenes to Cloyd's dark green toyota s-u-v.