Friend of Arson Suspect Speaks Out

There's new information about one of the three young men charged in the Alabama church arsons.

20-year old Matt Cloyd was the last suspect charged.

Authorities believe he drove his Toyota 4-Runner to at least six of the nine fires.

A close friend described Cloyd as "smart, making all A's" and "a good guy who did something dumb."

Ryan Sheffield says his friend was adventurous and liked attention. "He was a thrill-seeker. He would build ramps in his back yard. He would do anything for a thrill and he would do anything for a laugh."

Sheffield says he and Cloyd have been friends since they were nine or ten and were regulars at First Baptist Church in Pelham.

All three men, Benjamin Moseley, Russell DeBusk and Matthew Cloyd are due in federal court Friday in Birmingham at 3:00 PM. They're being housed in the Shelby County Jail.