Third Case of US Mad Cow in Alabama

State officials have confirmed a case of Mad Cow Disease in Alabama.

State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks made the announcement in a news conference Mondat afternoon.

The commissioner and the state health officer were quick to reassure Alabamians that there is no danger to the public's health..

They say its important to point out this cow never entered the food chain and this disease is not contagious.

The only way to get mad cow disease is through brain and spinal cord tissue.

That is not allowed into the human food chain and since 1997 it has been banned in cattle feed.

Since this cow was 10 years old it contracted the disease before the ban, Commissioner Ron Sparks wants to assure the public our beef is safe.

Officials say the cow has been sick.

When it didn't respond to medication a veterinarian euthanized it.

Two tests were done and both came back positive for mad cow.

They would not say where the farm is where the cow waas found, xcept its a small farm with about 40 head of cattle.

This is the third confirmed case of Mad Cow Disease in the United States. It cannot be passed from animal to animal.