Mad Cow Dilemma

Where is the contaminated cow?  That's what many people across alabama want to know. But state officials are keeping the location a secret.

Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks says,  "We need to give a farmer incentive to work with us. And to let us know that they have a sick animal on their farm."   Sparks says it's important not to loose that trust so that any future problems will be acknowledged and targeted. And what about protecting the consumer?

Sparks says, "We feel like this is the best way to protect the public ... Is by protecting the farmer."

Sparks says he's worried that a barrage of media or even neighbors would jeopardize the investigation that is happening now at that farm.

Tony Frazier is the state vet who adds, "We are not in a panic mode over this disease process at all. Everything is going according to protocol... Because of the nature of this disease."

The 'nature' includes how the disease is spread, which is by eating the brain of an infected animal. But those parts are not for sale in Alabama.

Sparks adds, "But you can rest assured, that if there was a reason that the public should know where this farm is we would give that reason and the location of that farm."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson