Arson Suspects Still in Custody

A major development to report in the case of three college students charged with burning Alabama churches.

The three will be able to make bail, but there's a catch.

The catch is, even if they were to make the $50,000 bail set by the judge on the federal arson charges, they aren't going home with their parents.

They will remain in custody because of new arrest warrants issued by the state of Alabama, specifically in Bibb County.

Ben Moseley, Russell DeBusk and Matt Cloyd are currently in the Shelby County Jail, which contracts with federal authorities to hold their inmates.

The Alabama warrants charged the trio with arson in Bibb County, where five of the nine blazes occurred early last month, and officials said charges were possible in the western Alabama counties where four more small Baptist churches were torched.

A lawyer for 20 year-old Matthew Lee Cloyd said his client will not seek federal bond, allowing him to remain jailed in Shelby County, near his parents' home.

A lot of people are wondering if any or all of the suspects will enter a plea.

Cloyd's attorney, Tommy Spina, said its too early to discuss the possibility of that happening.