Birmingham Southern College Holds Prayer Service

Many find it unimaginable that fellow classmates Benjamin Moseley and Russell DeBusk could be responsible for the burning of 9 churches, so they are turning to song and prayer for piece of mind.

David Pollick, President of Birmingham Southern College, says, "Bad things happen in our lives. Friendships just don't go away. So, I think it was a very natural thing for us to do."

The most encouraging words came from one of the church fire victims, pastor Jim Parker of Ashby Baptist Church. He said in his message to the gathered crowd, "What I think forgiveness also does is it helps us to become better instead of bitter." Parker adds his biggest concern isn't the loss he and his congregation have endured, but what lies in store for the young men accused in the crimes.

Eyes turned to Birmingham Southern when authorities arrested Ben Moseley and Russell DeBusk on campus last week. Immediately, school officials responded.

Pollick adds, "It's fairly natural for us to want to be supportive and to look at the educational value this offers to our own students."

Campus ministers organized the prayer service to offer hope for those who were hurt by the savagery of these fires. Among those in attendance were family members of Moseley and DeBusk.

This is just the beginning of the healing process for Birmingham Southern College. Students and school leaders are committed to helping rebuild the destroyed and damaged churches.

Birmingham-Southern College has established the "Alabama Churches Rebuilding and Restoration Fund." Money donated to this fund will go directly to aid in the rebuilding and restoration of these churches. If you would like to make a donation online using a credit card, click here .

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Reporter: Theo Travers