Carver Teacher Pushes Students to Strive for Excellence

We expect all teachers to help the students in the classroom. But the influence of some teachers can be felt throughout their entire school. In this Education Report we see how Carver High School is benefiting from a real class act.

"I'm trying to prepare them for the future, especially my honors class. I know most of them want to go off to college; and when they get there I want them to be ready," remarks Tondeleria Jones who teaches English at George Washington Carver High School.

She believes in pushing students to their potential and her students appreciate the effort. "Ms. Jones is a hard teacher, but you know what, that's the best thing about her, she wants you to work; she wants you to do the work. Most teachers make it a little easier for you, but Ms. Jones, she's a very challenging teacher for you; and I'm so happy to be in her class this year, says Jade Cheeseboro.

Jones' classroom may be tough, but it's also supportive. Kids say they know she cares about them as students and people. Johnny Mitchell voices the opinion many of her students share, "Most teachers would just teach the material and just expect you to comprehend it on your own. But she goes the extra mile and makes sure you know what she's taught and that you can apply it to the material that you have to do."

Jones responds by saying, "I love talking to them and I want them to be able to come to me if they have a problem, so I want to be like their... I guess their mentor."

Jones also does work that affects the whole school. As the head of the building leadership team she works on the school improvement plan. And as the title one lead teacher she helps other teachers, and those are just for starters. She has started a student award luncheon at Carver and sponsored the school's majorettes for the past two years.

Principal Dwight Madison says, "She's here early in the morning, late in the afternoon, working all during the day and just helping in every area possible.