Clifton Taulbert - Bio

Clifton Taulbert, a Pulitzer nominated author and the President and Founder of the Building Community Institute speaks throughout the world on the critical issue of building community, a set of emotionally satisfying relationships, within all the places of our living...creating an environment branded by Respect, Affirmation and Inclusion. He is also the author of the internationally acclaimed book, Eight Habits of the Heart, a book that provides the framework on which to build, maintain and sustain a powerful, effective and caring Community.

According to Taulbert, "By building a powerful, effective and caring community, we can transform our environment into one that values cooperative living, and welcomes diversity in all the areas of life. By creating an atmosphere that supports the timeless values highlighted in his writings and conversations, individuals become part of a dynamic working community, engendering greater productivity and personal fulfillment. Taulbert's ideals of community extend the reach of the "Front Porch People", those he encountered while growing up in the Mississippi Delta.

Taulbert's growing list of literary works include the award-winning, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored, the Pulitzer nominated The Last Train North, and the book the LA Times called for all Americans to read, Watching Our Crops Come In. Clifton Taulbert has also written two award winning picture books for children, Little Cliff and the Porch People and Little Cliff's First Day of School.

His newest book is Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators and is available at Corwin Press

The following are just a few of Mr. Taubert's audiences from around the world:

  • Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., hosted by Associate Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.
  • Plenary Speaker, The points of Light National Conference, June 1999.
  • Lockheed Martin-Executive Leadership Forum-Washington, DC.
  • Trustee and Board Retreat-Memorial Health Care System-South Bend, IN.
  • Visiting Professor, Harvard University’s Principals Center.
  • A Content Professor with Ninth House-A team consisting of Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard and Larraine Segil and many other leading business minds.
  • A member of Boston University’s Summer Institute for the Advancement of Ethics and Character.
  • keynote presenter and Community Building consultant for the FDIC.
  • Mr. Taulbert has worked extensively with the Department of Defense throughout Europe and Central America.
  • On Building Community-Taulbert has addressed the President of the American Banker’s Association, classes of the United States Air Force Senior NCO Academy in Montgomery, Alabama and the Young President’s Organization (YPO) in Geneva.
  • As an author, Mr. Taulbert has written in depth about the American South and is widely acclaimed for his memoirs, Once upon a Time When We Were Colored, The Last Train North, Watching Our Crops Come In and The Journey Home.
  • Constitutional Congresses of Central America

Many of Taulbert's books may be purchased through and at the AUM Bookstore.