Alabama State University Remembers One Of Its Own

A terrible loss not only for Lewis Williams' family but for the entire staff at Alabama State University.

"I just couldn't believe it was true," said friend and co-worker Freddie Gallot, Jr.

Williams died Monday afternoon on Interstate 65 South in Montgomery. Police say Williams had just retrieved a ladder that fell from his truck when an 18-wheeler struck him, dragging him 150 feet.

Gallot remembers a man with a quiet confidence who never felt the need to be the center of attention.

"Not a vivacious guy. Real quiet but very professional. He always had a smile and we had lunch just about everyday," Gallot said.

Williams practically spent his entire professional career at ASU working as the school's outreach coordinator for the 'HUD' program.

"He was quite a football player," Gallot recalled.

A gifted athlete and as far as Freddie Gallot is concerned, a winner on and off the field.

Lewis Williams was 62.