Montgomery Interfaith Community Applies Taulbert's Eight Habits

Sunlight poured in through the stained glass windows of Dexter King Memorial Baptist Church Sunday, reflecting the crowd gathered there. Christians of different denominations, Muslims and Jews were all gathered in one place to hear Pulitzer nominated author, Clifton Taulbert.

His new book, "Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators" speaks directly to teachers. Taulbert sees educators as those people who link with the family and serve as a bridge to the community.

Taulbert says, "It is that wonderful avenue in which all of our youth will travel and what happens in that travel is so important."

Taulbert also targets parents and community leaders because he feels we all must be involved in order to form what he calls a "benevolent conspiracy."

Susan Diamond, a Christian leader with Interfaith Montgomery, says, "The importance of sharing ourselves with our children to me is one of the most powerful messages he shares in all of his books."

Taulbert brings his inspiring message all over the world, but for the next three days, he's partnered with Montgomery leaders to help bring about positive change in our community.  It's no mistake the dialogue began at the Dexter Avenue Memorial Baptist Church, the birthplace of many social changes here in Montgomery."

Taulbert challenges us to think outside the box and be intentionally selfless.

Taulbert adds, "Every strand of the community should be involved and investing in the life of a child."

Would Taulberts philosophy work in your life?  You can read his books and see for yourself. Millions who have read his previous books say his message is powerful and inspiring.

You can experience that inspiring message while Taulbert is in town. He'll visit Brewbaker Intermediate School Monday to speak with students. WSFA 12 will carry the program live at 10 a.m. We're broadcasting the session so other students can participate and we invite you to join as well.

Reporter: Theo Travers