Best Selling Author Clifton Taulbert Speaks with Brewbaker Students

Best selling author Clifton Taulbert is nearing the end of his three day visit to Montgomery. His best known book, "8 Habits of the Heart", came to life for students at Brewbaker Intermediate School. He explained why he believes the youngest people in the community are the most important.

"Did you think about that? We need all of you and we need the millions of other young men and women that are not with us today. It doesn't matter what side of the town that you live on; what your racial background might be. Society needs every single one of you," said Taulbert

He targeted the children with his Actions Build Community message. And he teaches them through lessons he learned as a child from adults he called "porch people." He called them that because they sat on the porch, but encouraged him to go wherever his imagination could take him. The students all had their favorite parts.

"I like that he showed us how life was during segregation," said 10-year-old Quantavious Burnett.

"I think he's a porch person too. Because he told us about his life and what to do right," said 12-year-old Joshua Osborne.

Brewbaker administrators liked what Taulbert brought to the school.

"The interaction with my students. My students being able to ask intelligent questions," said Rodney Pruit.

There was also a small group of students at Saint James School who partnered with Brewbaker students on this project. And all of them, if they didn't know before, now know how important the youngest people in our community really are.

"Isn't that funny? That the governor used to be a child, the president used to be a child. So you are an important part of the very fabric of this society," said Taulbert.

Taulbert is launching his new book "8 Habits of the Heart for Educators", in Montgomery. He'll speak at the Taylor Center at AUM tomorrow night at 7:30.