Want YOUR Event Here?

If you have an EVENT that you would like to be listed on the WSFA.com Community Events Calendar, simply click on the calendar back on the Community Page. That will take you to a simple to use program that allows you to enter your own event information. Give it a couple of days so that we can receive and review it, and it will appear on the calendar.

If you want generic information (not event oriented) about the service your non-profit organization provides listed on the Community Page simply e-mail us all the details at least two weeks in advance. When e mailing us generic non-profit information please do NOT write your announcement in ALL CAPS!

The fine print: WSFA reserves the right to edit the information. Because of the heavy volume of requests, we can't guarantee when--or if--your information will be listed. We cannot publish information that is of a political, controversial or advocacy nature (for those events, please see note below). The decision to list or not list your event is the sole responsibility of WSFA. All requests must come to us via e-mail--we will be unable to respond to requests by telephone. For security reasons, we cannot open e-mail attachments containing ".EXE" extensions. If you have any questions or comments, please click here . Thank you very much!

Note: The above guidelines and restrictions apply only to the Community Calendar and not WSFA's newscasts. To request news coverage of your event, please e-mail our News Department by clicking here .