Saturday a Day for Families

If Friday was the day of prayer, Saturday was the day of family for Alabamians. They watched their kids' sports games, went to movies and spent time with family members.

As Tuskegee's Roy Copeland says, family is the foundation of the nation. Copeland watched his grandson's youth football game in Montgomery. He said he didn't miss the normal diet of college football and Major League Baseball on a fall Saturday. Prattville's John Owens said it was a day when "you should call your friends and tell them you love them."

Businesses near stadiums suffered with no games to be played. The owner of Tide & Tiger, a bar across from Birmingham's Legion Field, says he normally gets five or six thousand customers on game day. It was just locals today.

In Mobile, Ed Miller attended his 9-year-old son's soccer game, then took him to a movie. Miller said he would normally have spent the afternoon watching football. As Mobile's David Hudson says, "The living have to go on living."