Big Boats Banned

Lake living is a wonderful recreational experience. But not everyone can afford a home here.

Some people save their money for a big boat. But those boats longer than 26 feet, 11 inches will be banned.

Tony Nivison is a big boat owner who is not happy with the decision .

He says, "This bill is going to erase the memories of my childhood and my child's childhood."

While Tony's boat is grandfathered in, it won't be able to be replaced in the future by one this size or larger.

Tony adds, "Growing up we had small boats. I always seen the large boats and it gave me something to strive for."

Working hard to accomplish those goals pits this boat owner and others against giants like Alabama Power.

Jan Ellis works for Alabama Power in public relations.  She says, "This bill addressed the concerns we have for free lakes and we're pleased that the integrity and the safety of these waterways would further be protected for the citizens of Alabama."

But for boat owners like Tony it means those same citizens don't get to voice their opinion before law makers push a bill like this through.  He says, "I would like to see them explicitly define why they're creating a law, so that the public as a whole will have an understanding behind this....."

Nivison says he would also like for lawmakers to be more forthcoming as to finances, the environment and any other reason for this measure back to you.

Reporter: Ashley Anderson