Dallas County Teacher Stresses the Future

Science teacher Gayla Legrone has a prediction about her students' future: "Their lives will change; and science ...is going to be a big part of that change in their future."

Legrone teaches at Dallas County High School and is giving students an appreciation for science, by making it fun. Her lessons are hands-on; she's also made up a classroom game called "Chemopoly", a cross of chemistry and the famous board game Monopoly, all in an effort to boost student comprehension of chemistry and biochemistry.

Legrone often stays after school to tutor kids for the science portion of the Alabama High School graduation exam. And, she helps out in non-academic areas as well. Principal Susan Jones says, "She is our sponsor for our flag team and those are the young ladies who perform with the band on Friday night. She spent two weeks in the summer in a camp with them preparing them to get ready for the football season."

Legrone also coached the school's softball team for three years. And, several students in her science club won awards in science olympiad competitions.