Students Write Poem to Deal with Tragedy

A group of fourth graders at Forrest Avenue Elementary wrote a poem called Please Bring Back the Peace. Elizabeth Thrower said, "I just wanted to do something special for the people in New York and tell them that we care." Brantley White hoped that if those responsible could hear this poem, they would think about what they did. Kyla Westry said, "I don't know why they did it and don't know what we did to them."

Rhonda Acreman teaches these students. "The first thing I did was list their feelings on the board and then they started telling me things they saw on the television and who they'd like to write to." Andrew Conner read the poem at Friday's prayer vigil at the Capitol. He said, "I really like the last line of the poem, that shows now matter what they do to us we will stay together and not give up." Cami White added, "I want them to know I'm very sad about what happened and I care and would help if I could."


A message to our country's leaders from a class of fourth grade students

Why did they do that? Please tell us why, how could they take our planes from the sky?

It just isn't fair, that's how we all feel for making a terrible nightmare so real.

What did we do that they thought was so wrong? Was it really because we're so brave and so strong?

We saw the explosions; the debris all around and those towering buildings crash to the ground.

We saw innocent people suffer and die. But no matter how much we watch, we still must ask, why?

We are angry and hurt, we're scared and we're sad. We're confused, overwhelmed, and yes we are Mad!

But, we want you to know that we really do care, and although we are young, in our hearts we are there.

We will listen and watch. We will learn and we'll pray, that justice be served for that terrible day.

For we too represent the red, white, and blue. To our country we're loyal and to our flag we'll be true.

Written by,

Mrs. Acreman's fourth grade

Forest Avenue School

Montgomery, Alabama

Sarah Arnberg James Burke Emma Briggs Andrew Conner Lauren Drumheller

Geovanni Franklin Hunter Hardin Christian Hilley Drew Howard Camilla McCant

Melanie Morgan Bryan Patterson Anna Sailors Whitney Summerlin Jay Taylor

Gabriel Thomas Elizabeth Thrower Juquana Tolliver Tony Trexler Brooke Wendt

Kyla Westry Brantly White Emily Wilson Stephanie Worthy Bryan Young