Local Website Encourages Tolerance at Schools

Millions of people went into mourning following last week's terrorism; others retaliated against innocent Arab-Americans. President Bush visited a mosque and wants them to stop. Now help may be as close as a website based in Montgomery.

It's http://www.tolerance.org/ , and Monday a new section was formally launched called 'Teaching Tolerance', that's educational. The website has links to pages for children of every age and a section for parents.

Some of the tolerance themes have already been put in place at Wares Ferry Elementary, where character awareness is being taught for the third year. PTA president Debbie Williams says, "we have noticed a change in office referrals, a change in the students being aware how they're treating other people, accepting other people as friends you know no matter how different they are." Williams says children are never too young to begin learning tolerance.

The tolerance website is operated by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group also sends out a 'Teaching Tolerance' magazine to 600-thousand teachers nationwide.