Firefighter's family finally comes into the light.

I got to see this. I got to see this. Hey what's up everyone? Hey  K.J.!" After battling cancer for a year and a half in Memphis, 14 year old K.J. Milligan and his family return to a tearful reception."

"Don't cry yet. You hadn't went inside."   Inside more than they expected. When mobile firefighter Kenny Milligan and his family left for St. Judes hospital, they had a shell of a house. But fellow firefighters turned it into a home.

Lori Milligan is K.J.'s mother, who says,  "It's just, uh, it's more than what we ever expected. It's beautiful."

K.J. Milligan is a special cancer patient who says, "It just amazed me. I was just shocked, just all the effort that these guys made just to do all this was, was unbelievable!"

The Milligans are in awe after 18 months of tears.   Dale Shaw is a fellow firefighter & family friend.  He says, "His son was stricken with cancer 18 months ago, and he fought the battle for about nine months, thought he had it beat and they found another 9 tumors in his lungs."

The Milligans, also, lost their house in Katrina. They bought this house five weeks ago with no drywall, plumbing, painted walls or floor tiles. But, firefighters and friends sacrificed to transform it.

He comes home to a room dedicated to the Auburn Tigers.  And, his brother ...well... Let's just's a room he doesn't enter."  K.J. says his room's ugly. I can't hang too much with Alabama."

Kenny Milligan says,  "We're gonna' punish 'em and make 'em swap rooms."

K. J. says they'll welcome punishments, house chores and more ... Now that, his family can now tear down the walls of pain and fill this house with love.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson