New Machine Makes More Life Like Breast Forms

Melissa Perryman  says, "It's like I've just thrown away all tomorrow's and focused on today."  She's should know.  She's fighting breast cancer.. And this is how she is describing life with breast cancer. Tuesday she will go in for surgery, and radiation will follow. She's had to make some important decisions, now.  She says, "I just focus on today and it helps me make great decisions."

Melissa has decided that later she will want some reconstructive surgery, but now she's leaning toward a new technology driven prosthesis. She says, " It seems to be the most natural thing to do."

She's being educated about the 'contour med'. It's a system that map's a woman's individual breast before surgery and chest contours after surgery.

The person doing the educating is Martha Case, a sales representative.  Martha says, it's very individualized, "The  way her breast slopes. The way her breast drapes. The muscle tone of that breast. It captures all of this."

With 3 d technology every millimeter of the breast is documented before and after surgery.  Case adds, "We say that they fit like a puzzle."

While the form is lightweight and can match any skin tone, you do have to wear a bra with it. Another type uses magnets to hold it in place. The new forms can be used anywhere, even for the most active woman.

Perryman says, "I have a swimming pool in my backyard, so I will be swimming every single day."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson.