Strawberry Fields Flush With Fruit

Top the hill on County Road 37 and you'll wonder why all the people are here.

Glenda Wright drove in from Prattville to pick strawberries.  She says, "Strawberries are my most favorite food and I just used up the ones I got 2 weeks ago."

And the strawberries are booming ... Or should I say blooming.... That can mean some great desserts, according to Kaitlin Arp, a 10 year old strawberry lover. "My mom makes strawberry shortcake and stuff like that."

"A good yield would be about a pound per plant. These plants are already yielding 3 to 4 pounds. And the strawberries here are not only big ... They're juicy ..... And sweet!

This is a sweet deal because Shelby County kids are able to pick today.

Jim Durbin is the owner of Jim Durbin Farms.  "We had a warm January and then we had a real cold February. I think that set us up for the bumper crop of strawberries that we're having right now."

Across the road his peach crop is not faring as well... He says they need a good rain soon.

While this bounty is plentiful, he's already making plans for when he runs out.

He says, "When I run out of berries, I'm going to run .... Ha ha ha."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson