"Bang Bang You're Dead" Play Makes an Impact

'Bang Bang You're Dead' centers around a young man who kills his classmates and his parents.  Life for the young man goes awry when his girlfriend breaks up with him and classmates taunt him.

Thoughts of suicide fade and are replaced by mass murder and initially no remorse. So what's the effect on students?

Renita Brown is a 9th grader at Georgia Washington School who says, "You don't know how many lives you kill and how it effects other people."

Darius Hutton knows which part he enjoyed,  "I liked the part where they are haunting the kid for the things that he did."

So why produce a play, deemed controversial by some people?

Vicky Robinson is the theater teacher who directed the play.  She says, "We're working on character education and especially a program called character counts. And we are really trying to emphasize the bullying aspect."

For many students it struck a chord.  Like Jennifer Huffman, a 7th grader who says, "I like the play it was very exciting the people acted out their parts good."

Brandon Halley, an 8th grader agrees.  He says, "They got a whole life ahead of them and they shouldn't waste that."

Robinson adds, "It could save a life."

And that would be the best lesson of all.

Reporter:   Ashley Anderson