High gas prices hurt local businessmen

Bryan Sanderson is a partner in Central Alabama Landcare.  He says, "We have to change the way we operate and we have to become more fuel efficient."

That's a mandate for this business.  He adds, "Keeping fuel in mind and putting more men in one crew and trying to get our men on the routes that are most effective to get things done properly."

Sanderson says he thinks of other fuel alternatives, but here and now there isn't much of a choice.

Sanderson adds,  "You have to start using creative ideas as far as fertilization patterns go and be prepared to change the way you keep the maintence up."

Sanderson says every product they use is based on fuel, whether it's fertilizer, pine straw or flowers being delivered. And he pays the surcharges.

And some of the employees travel far to get to work.

Sanderson says that can be tough, "We have people who commute 30 to 40 miles to get to work."

Because of the high price of gas, they don't do single residential jobs. Most of his clients are businesses or whole neighborhoods like this one.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson