As Gas Prices Rise So Do Drive Offs

John White says,  "You have people come up here, you know take the tag off the vehicle, here at the gas pump, and obviously you know there's something wrong with that."

White should know ... it's part of his job  to get employees more aware of what's going on around them.  He says, "We have went to pre-pay, with the price of gas and it keeps going up."

Not all customers are happy with the new rules. Some say it's too much of a headache to try to pre-pay especially when you don't know how much your tank is going to take.

Edward Harris is a good example.  As a gas customer, he says,  "It's a headache and by the time I walk over there with my bad knees and walk back I could have just made one trip... Yet I walk over there and pay for it and come back."

For Harris it's especially bad when his knees are hurting. Most gas stations who know their regular customers will turn on pump first.

Still other customers don't mind.  People like Tonereasa Jackson who says, "Actually for me it's not a problem, 'cause I prefer to pay and then run back, but the prices ... They're ridiculous."

The 'pay before you pump' rule may still be the subject of a lot of conversations ... But for gas stations like this one ... It's working.

White says, "This store was loosing between $800 and $1200 dollars a month, and now it'd down to 0 or $20 bucks. She may have an isolated drive off every now and then."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson